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About Banyan Gaming

Banyan Gaming was formed in 2012 with a philosophy to bring the best business practices from global gaming distribution to
the regulated Casino market in the United States. Since 1999 and the advent of ticketing technology no innovation has changed
the way gaming is done on the casino floor until now. Banyan Gaming is deploying a long anticipated technology to the gaming
industry that will bring about its next major stage of evolution that will last long into the future.

Banyan Gaming has developed a different way to play. Our gaming delivery system gives operators the ability to maximize
revenue opportunities and provide a player journey to customers like never before. Through the use of our proprietary tools
like content management, scorecard analytics, and progressive builder, operators can take advantage of revenue points in
just a matter of hours compared to what currently takes several months to achieve. This, combined with an abundant library
of unique content that can quickly and efficiently be deployed to your floor from our gaming delivery system,
operators will have the most powerful array of assets ever seen in the history of gaming technology.